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In the way out

This Tucson duo has spent an awful lot of time listening to the early days of electronic music. Equally kinetic and propulsive, these short pieces graft synth and guitar to electronic underpinnings and then create mini-movies. Oh, and they bleed together nicely, so this can also be listened to as a single, coherent work.

Trees Speak
(Soul Jazz)

The artwork borrows liberally from the best of the 70s, furthering the connections. Is this, in fact, the soundtrack to a lost sci-fi masterpiece? No, but it should be. The music describes the plot perfectly. I can see it unfolding now.

This is the band's third album to be released in the last year, but in this case being prolific hasn't dulled the edge of the music. In many ways, I think this is the most advanced of the bunch. Trees Speak wanders with abandon, but always within the world it describes.

A staggering accomplishment. Anyone looking for a trip to the other side would do well to set down here. Trees Speak doesn't wait for passengers. The train departs right on time and then heads straight to the edge. Let it tell you as story, and then the meaning will become clear.