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Siddharth Goswami is in eighth grade. He was 12 when he recorded this. As the parent of an eighth grader who routinely leaves adults breathless with his piano improvisations (and thus someone who does not overlook musical brilliance in young people), I am truly impressed. Not by any particular virtuosic ability shown here, but rather by his restraint.

Acidic Base
Purple Skies

Taking elements of EDM and electronic film music, Goswami creates lush soundscapes that breathe. Nothing is rushed, and nothing is showy. Yes, he can handle a keyboard and production tools, but the breathtaking element here is his willingness to leave space between the notes.

The songs tell stories, which is where the film elements come in. The arrangements are pretty standard; Goswami hasn't yet learned when to ignore the rules. And that's okay. His ideas shine, and that's in no small part due to his mastery of basic form. First, get it right. Then you can start breaking things.

I'm not shocked that this music came from the mind of a twelve-year-old, but I am impressed. I hope Goswami continues to explore music, and I hope to hear from him again real soon.