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Still holy

As someone who recalls the wonderment of hearing Sleep's Holy Mountain before its official release in 1992, I can say that the opportunity to hear something new from these boys was an occasion of extreme excitement and trepidation.

The Sciences
(Third Man)

After all, this sort of thing rarely ends well. Yes, Sleep has kept semi-active over the years, but there is simply no reason a new album would be splifftastic. And yet, this sucker dropped on 4/20/18 (of course), and great bliss spread forth.

Still stoners after all these years, Sleep has refined its attack somewhat, adding an edge to the fuzz that provides some welcome definition. The band was always one of the most adventurous (not to mention excessive) of the early 90s stoner bands, and those impulses have served them well here. Easily recognizable as Sleep, this album moves the band's sound into this millennium.

If you aren't a fan of reverb, distortion or pile-diver riffage, Sleep has no time for you. And neither do I. There's plenty of other great stuff out there. But if you need a pillow of top-notch stoner riffage upon which to lay your head, Sleep is here. Sleep is your friend. Sleep will take you.