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The meaning of the word

Mantra has been plying its prog-rock-metal-whatever sound for some time. For this album, it decided to record two 17-minute songs--and then superimpose them on each other to create the album's 17-minute title track.


That each piece works perfectly is pretty much mind-blowing. This sort of high-concept creation usually results in messy excess or worse. But instead, listening to the album in sequence is a most rewarding experience.

In many ways, the band's name is more indicative of the sound than the album title. These songs fold in upon themselves even as they blossom. The folding/unfolding action is hypnotic, allowing the listener to delve deeper into the sound. Burrowing in is most advised.

Very few bands would attempt anything like this. And even when they do (Zaireeka, anyone?), the demands placed on the listener can be overwhelming. Mantra makes it easy. The listening is a pleasure.